Sunday, January 23, 2011

Product review: Lansinoh breast pump vs Ameda breast pump

     I purchased my Ameda breast pump two years ago when I had my first child. It's supposed to be one of the good breast pumps and some people say it's as good as Medela. I didn't use it for up to a month because I would pump for over 30 minutes and not get more than 60 ml of milk. Now that my daughter has refused to breastfeed, I had to bring it out of storage. I still didn't get a lot of milk while using it and I started having blocked ducts: I would have to apply a hot wet towel to my breasts before each pumping session to get the milk flowing.
     One day, while I was transporting it between rooms in my house, it fell down and the motor got broken. I ran to the supermarket but unfortunately, they don't carry it. When I did find it, there was no option of buying only the motor: buying the pump with the napsack was a very expensive option so I decided to buy any pump. I decided to buy Lansinoh double affinity electric pump because I had read somewhere on the internet that it was made by the same people that made Ameda. I don't know if that's true though.

     When I tried the Lansinoh pumop for the first time , I was amazed! First of all, it has an automatic 2 minute let-down  phase. When you put on the pump, it starts with this and the milk usually starts flowing but even if it doesn't, I usually let it go for another 2 minutes. Afterwards, it continues with a normal pumping/expression phase. It has an LCD screen so you can see how much time you've been pumping. The machine looks very trendy and the buttons are reaally attractive. It's much more comfortable than Ameda and I don't get sore nipples even when it's on the highest setting.
     I feel it has a much better suction than Ameda and because of the pre-programmed settings, it takes out the guesswork of what setting to use. My first pumping session yielded about 240 ml compared with the measly 60-120 ml I was getting ewith my Ameda. I still get about this or more with my Lansinoh pump. And guess what? The tubing from the Ameda works with this so when I haven't washed the Lansinoh pump parts, I just use my Ameda pump parts. Talk about versatility!


  1. I tried Lansinoh and it worked perfectly, I had tried Medela before but this one works better, no doubt, still with the difference that the one I got with Medela was for one breast at a time and the one from Lansinoh is for both breasts. Still I got more milk and worked less.

  2. I totally agree that Lansinoh is good but I believe that Medela might be the better of the two.


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